Time, bring back the rapturous ignorance of long ago…

I read something the other day that said, ‘My favourite thing about photographs, is that they don’t change, even when the people in them do.” You can see when a photograph is special. Even another person’s photograph. Someone you don’t even know. Certain photographs resonate love and memory and the feeling of another, happier time. These are usually the older ones. The ones with curled up edges and an aged, sepia tone. Because older means better right? This is usually the case. This is human nature. We are so quick to forget the bad and romanticise the good. The below photographs are … Continue reading Time, bring back the rapturous ignorance of long ago…

Under the avocado tree

I knew a little girl once. She used to sit in her pram underneath the shade of the avocado tree, dressed in white from head to toe. As she grew, her cheeks got chubbier and her laugh more contagious and she transformed into a chubby little toddler who could run and play and she became more and more, well, annoying. We were young. Of course I loved her dearly. And still do. When I think back on those days now, I remember them as warm. Long. Balmy. Bright sunlight dappled by the trees. I remember a sprinkler and the smell … Continue reading Under the avocado tree

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

This is quite a famous story and many of you will be familiar with it. But, seeing as it is Christmas Eve, and truthfully, seeing as I am desperately clutching at anything that will propel me head first into the Christmas spirit, I thought it would be appropriate to share it again. In 1897, eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York’s Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897. The piece of writing below of newsman Francis Pharcellus Church has since become history’s most reprinted newspaper editorial, appearing in part … Continue reading Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

The day I looked down.

How old were you when you discovered Santa Claus wasn’t real? I was nine. Yes… nine. My parents made a huge deal out of this kind of thing. Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, you name it: They were all very much a presence in our house as we were growing up, and entities my sister and myself would very much look forward to seeing… and experiencing. At Christmas, we would receive a personal visit from Father Christmas. ( To be found out of course that this was infact actually my uncle dressed up as; Father Christmas in … Continue reading The day I looked down.

Trucks passing in the night

So I’d like to talk for a moment about that feeling you get when a small, ordinary, daily happening occurs, and in that moment, the sound, sight, smell, touch of it transports you back to another moment, another time,  another you… Magical isn’t it. One such sound, for me, is the sound of a truck’s horn. As said before, a lot of my memories are faded now. I don’t have a good memory by the usual definition of the phrase. My memories are hazy, misty. But I remember how I felt, so clearly. When I was younger, less jaded, and … Continue reading Trucks passing in the night

Love, sun and baby blankets

So love. It was bound to come up eventually. Although, I don’t think that up until this point I have spoken about anything else. I have been asked before, ‘Do you remember the first time you fell in love.’ And my answer is, ‘Yes, vividly.’ It was three days before my third birthday. When my little sister was born. I had waited for her you see. I had anticipated her arrival and I had dreamed of what it would be like to have something small and fragile that I could care for and that maybe one day could look up … Continue reading Love, sun and baby blankets

Bush Fires and Sapphire

So it’s bush fire season here at the moment. Wherever you go, wherever you are, the wind always carries the distant sound and smell of a fire burning somewhere else. Sometimes close, sometimes far. Bush-veld fires. They smell…. hot, tired, thirsty, beautiful, like sapphire, but tortured almost. I’ll see one at this time of the year almost every night. I am grateful for: the view I have from my house. My parents cleverly purchased a property situated on top of a hill that now looks over two other suburbs that were once previously veld areas. Like, two years ago. Development is quite … Continue reading Bush Fires and Sapphire

30 years, begonias and swimming pools.

So my parents have been married for 30 years and 1 day today. If you can do basic logic/maths that means that yesterday was their 30th Wedding Anniversary. I didn’t buy them anything but I bought them lunch. I hope that’s enough. I also make up for it by being an amazing daughter and bringing so much joy into their lives. Or so I keep telling them. They offer no pearls of wisdom as to the secret of a long and happy marriage besides, ‘well, we just put up with each other really.’ Ok, noted. That’s sort of what I … Continue reading 30 years, begonias and swimming pools.

Puff the Magic Dragon and the Pig

So, I had an imaginary friend when I was a little Simone. He wasn’t a dragon. He was a pig. I don’t know why he was a pig. There’s probably a deeper, psychological meaning in that somewhere. Maybe I should research that. Anyway, I often think about him. I wonder where he is. How he is. I wonder if he thinks about me at all. I also often wonder if I should perhaps visit him again. You know, catch up. Fill him in on my life. Of course I won’t. Mainly, no, not because well, it’s weird, but because I … Continue reading Puff the Magic Dragon and the Pig