The Edge of Glory

We’ve heard it said before, that life is a funny thing, that no one promised it would be easy, that its path is laden with bumps and turns and no-through roads.  And while we’re here we must learn the lessons sent to sent to teach us, so that we may grow, and become stronger. And above all that we are not put here to understand it, but rather to see it through and make the best of it, and basically, just live it.

And along life’s path, with the twists, and the turns and the heartaches, and the tears and the laughter, we seem to somehow experience a moment of clarity and perfection amongst the chaos and the questions and the uncertainty.

And eventually we realise a truth. Perhaps not THE truth in its entirety, but A truth.

This truth being of course, that it turns out you actually have liked Lady GaGa all along and, in truth, perhaps she’s not everything that’s wrong with the world, (as I had first thought) but everything that is right with it instead.

Life rarely makes sense to any of us at any given time. And perhaps it is true that we’re not supposed to understand it. Perhaps a good thing, perhaps not. And perhaps I have already answered my question. But maybe, if a moment can bring clarity, and a moment can bring truth, perhaps the perfect moment is all we can hope for at any given time.

“I’m on the Edge of Glory,

And I’m hanging on a moment of truth…

I’m on the Edge of Glory,

And I’m hanging on a moment with you,

I’m on the Edge with you.”

~ Edge of Glory, Lady GaGa

“Look into the darkness and look into places that you would not normally look to find uniqueness and specialness because that’s where the diamonds are hiding”


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