Time, bring back the rapturous ignorance of long ago…

I read something the other day that said, ‘My favourite thing about photographs, is that they don’t change, even when the people in them do.”

You can see when a photograph is special. Even another person’s photograph. Someone you don’t even know.

Certain photographs resonate love and memory and the feeling of another, happier time. These are usually the older ones. The ones with curled up edges and an aged, sepia tone. Because older means better right? This is usually the case. This is human nature. We are so quick to forget the bad and romanticise the good.

The below photographs are very precious images to me. Even if you don’t know me, I hope that they can still portray this.  Of course I had thousands to choose from, but these were my favourites:

Mom and Dad, Harare, Zimbabwe, Late Summer 1979
Shez and I, Harare, Zimbabwe, Summer 1988
Dad and I, Hwange, Zimbabwe, 1985
Mom and I, Hoffmarie Farm, Kadoma, Zimbabwe 1986
Mom and Dad, Harare, Zimbabwe 1978
The first time I held Shez, Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Winter 1988
Dad, Mom and Aunty Ang, Kariba, Zimbabwe Late 1980
My first afternoon sleep with Dad, Hwange, Zimbabwe, Winter 1985
My first ride on a horse, Hwange, Zimbabwe, 1986
A few horse rides later, Aunty Ang and I, Northfork, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1990
Shez and I, Beitbridge Baobab, Zimbabwe, circa 1990
Aunty Ang and I, Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe 1986

“Time, bring back the rapturous ignorance of long ago,
The peace, before the dreadful daylight starts
Of unkept promises and broken hearts.”

~ John Betjeman


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