Under the avocado tree

I knew a little girl once. She used to sit in her pram underneath the shade of the avocado tree, dressed in white from head to toe. As she grew, her cheeks got chubbier and her laugh more contagious and she transformed into a chubby little toddler who could run and play and she became more and more, well, annoying. We were young.

Of course I loved her dearly. And still do.

When I think back on those days now, I remember them as warm. Long. Balmy. Bright sunlight dappled by the trees. I remember a sprinkler and the smell of freshly cut grass. A dog barking. The smell of dinner being cooked drifting out the kitchen window, and the sound of her baby laugh.

"So was I, once myself, a swinger of birches, and so I dream of going back to be." ~ Robert Frost

Sometimes in life we’re fortunate enough to meet people who make us smile. And we smile because they make us laugh, because we admire them, because they give us hope, because they inspire us, because we feel happy in their presence, because we remember, through them, how we once were. We smile because they add value to our lives. She is such a person to me. What a funny journey life is. Everyone we meet has come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes they help to show us the way, sometimes they take our hand and walk with us along this journey. However long we have them in our lives, they would have made a difference.

From her tiny beginnings sitting underneath the avocado tree laughing and clapping so innocently… she has managed to transform herself, in credit of course to her family and her upbringing, into a person of this world. A person who will be able to handle this world, and this life. Beautiful, confident, strong, and most importantly, an intense sense of humour. She will do well in life and make a difference to this world.

When I look at her today, truly, one of my best friends, so many years later, so much time has passed now, I still see in her big brown eyes the little girl sitting underneath the avocado tree dressed in white, from head to toe. And it warms my heart. Because I knew her, before she knew herself.


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