Think, Question… Believe

I just happened upon a blog through Twitter – which is awesome when that happens by the way – if you’re not on Twitter you’re missing out on these kinds of things, that is of course if you’re interested in opinions and ideas outside of your own bubbles. You can read said article here. (in fact you’re going to have to read it for the rest of my post to make sense. So, well, read it now.

So you would have just read the concept of religion, politics and sex not being discussed usually as the norm. Which is of course, true. So I, of course, decided to take up that challenge. And which one of these ‘taboo’  topics will I be discussing today. That’s right. Religion. If i start speaking of politics I’ll end up dead or in jail tomorrow and sex, well, my parents read my blog.

Ok to start off with, I am a Christian. Many people don’t know this and wouldn’t think it. This is probably because I don’t really talk about it I suppose.

Now, I wasn’t brought up in a particualry religious environment. In that, my parents din’t take us to church every Sunday and they didn’t make us say grace before every meal. But we were brought up both at home and at school with distinctly Christian values. Be kind to your neighbours, respect your elders, don’t steal, don’t kill. Basically, be good. And I suppose I took these values as a base point and it kind of developed from there.

Now, personally I feel, that with Christianity in particular these days, (probably because of the controversy surrounding this religion over the centuries), people tend to not want to believe. They feel the need to question it, and fight it, and criticise it. This is ok.

This is a good thing actually.

We must question.

We must keep an open my mind.

And then, we must decide what we want to believe and what suits us best. What we understand, and relate to, and mostly I think, what we want to believe.

I think that your religion is a very personal relationship, with God, or a higher power, or energy or whom or whatever you have chosen to believe in. It is your own personal relationship and your are free to worship or praise or to give thanks to in whichever way you want to. It’s yours after all. And this will, of course, differ from person to person for whatever reason, or many reasons as the case may be. So, some people will choose a more spiritual vibe, whilst others will be suited to a deity figure. Whatever works for you is the main thing.

I do believe that humanity in general needs guidance and faith and the feeling that someone else, somewhere else, is kind of looking out for us. It’s a nice thought don’t you think? It’s because we need hope. We need to believe that we’re here for a reason, that we’re going somewhere. That there is, better.

So really, what I’m trying to say is, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you believe, just as long as, you believe.


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