I wrote a love story once

I wrote a love story once. This was a long time ago. And yes I mean an actual, literal, love story. Like a fairytale. With a ‘Once upon a time’ and a ‘happily ever after.’ It really was rather endearing. It included a princess and some magic and an exotic stranger. Actually, the exotic stranger was a magician. It makes sense in the end, trust me.

I have since experienced my own versions of love stories. None of which involved any princesses; magic, I guess to some extent; exotic strangers… well actually, yes. There have been no happily  ever afters thus far by the way, so if you’re expecting slash hoping for an ‘aww’ moment  I suggest you stop reading this post now. It’s not a ‘doom and gloom’ post either though.

I have realized though, that, unknowingly, the day I wrote that story, I cemented in, not so much stone, but rather midnight blue ink on lavender scented paper, an ideal and expectation that I would forever compare to the realities of love and stories and the two intertwined. I wouldn’t even be able to say that it is an expectation that I have since tried to reach, but rather one I know that I can’t reach but hope that I can. Does that make sense? It will have to because I really have no other way to explain it.

And to this day, I still enjoy reading that story. Who doesn’t like a good fairytale!  It makes me smile. Not yearn, not long for. Hope for, yes. But mostly it makes me smile.

Personally, I still think, and believe, that what is most important, is to have a story worth telling. ’Happily Ever After’  means nothing if you didn’t have to climb a few mountains, deal with an ugly witch and kiss a few frogs in between.

Mostly what I wanted to share with you all though, is the second last line from my fairytale, written so long ago now:

’’Maybe we all look for magic in the wrong places. Because this was not the magic I had been looking for, but without knowing, I found the magic I had been hoping for.’

You all know what the last line was right? …Come on, it’s a fairytale 😉


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