“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

“It’s dark. Not the middle of the night, but more like the waning hours of twilight. And it’s warm, like a mid-summer’s evening. Not uncomfortably hot. But perfectly comfortable. I feel relief. Like, perhaps, it had just been hot, but it has cooled, the sun has set and a light breeze has picked up, fanning tendrils of hair around my face. Like it had just been cold, icy, and I am now sitting next to a crackling fire, warm molten heat flowing around me.

Overall, it’s quiet… But I can hear voices in the distance. Happy voices. Laughter even. And the sound of children playing, giggles, the chink of glasses in toast. Close enough for me to hear them, but far enough away that I am not apart of them. And this is comforting to me. I look around. I see trees silhouetted against the fading light. I can’t name the trees, but their branches lightly sway in the breeze, they own their stance. I am humbled by them. I know they hold life within their branches. Water chimes close by, it doesn’t run fast, it flows. Steadily, gradually. It twists and turns over rocks, pebbles. It laughs as it flows. I am humbled by it. I know that it holds life within it’s flow.

I search for light, not as a necessity, I am not worried, I am comforted by the dark. But I wonder if there could be any other source of light as the night sky encloses on the fading light of day. And then I see him.

Such a seemingly small, tiny, illuminating source of light; but so powerful in the encroaching darkness. He approaches me. Is he coming towards me? I realize I am walking towards him. But he flies towards me too. Not hurriedly. Leisurely. As if knows he’ll end up where he’s meant to me. There is no sound, he carries no sound, with him. All I hear floating around me is the distant laughter, the quiet caress of the water close by, a whisper in the trees. And I am happy in this moment… And then… he is right in front of me. And I long to touch him. I don’t… I know he is just here to guide my way. He flutters, and dances. In front of my eyes. He is so beautiful. He floats. His glow lights up my face, I can feel it illuminating the contours of my face as the darkness grows stronger. I smile. He is a firefly. This is my firefly. I follow him. I follow his light through the darkness. Slowly, gradually. I follow where he leads through the darkness.”

This is my world. The world I live in when I don’t live in the real world, the world I visit, when I need to escape the real world. This is where my soul lives and roams. We all have one, a sanctity we escape to, the place we return to at the end of a long day…. What is your world like? Have you visited it recently? It’s always there waiting for you. I’d invite you to mine, but I’m terrible with directions.

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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