“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

“It’s dark. Not the middle of the night, but more like the waning hours of twilight. And it’s warm, like a mid-summer’s evening. Not uncomfortably hot. But perfectly comfortable. I feel relief. Like, perhaps, it had just been hot, but it has cooled, the sun has set and a light breeze has picked up, fanning tendrils of hair around my face. Like it had just been cold, icy, and I am now sitting next to a crackling fire, warm molten heat flowing around me. Overall, it’s quiet… But I can hear voices in the distance. Happy voices. Laughter even. And … Continue reading “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

Do you hear them?

If you love Africa like I do, you would hear the drums too… do you hear them? Ssshh…. Turn into the wind, let your head fall back, let the hot wind blow over your face, let it dance through your hair… close your eyes, feel the warm sun on your face – now, can you hear the drums? Ssshh…. Listen… don’t fight to hear them, they will find you… open your mind to the possibility that they are there, their harmony will find you…. Their sound is far away, but their message is timeless, their presence never-ending, and they are there… and they … Continue reading Do you hear them?

Life as a smoking lounge

So my recent journey required me to travel though an airport. An airport, among many other things, means to me: smoking ‘lounges’. I smoke; therefore I require a smoking ‘lounge’. As I enter a departure lounge my next immediate step would be, to find the smoking room. To explain this concept to those of you who don’t smoke; it’s the same principle I suppose of needing the toilet. And finding the first available one. It really is just, admittedly, mostly habit. But to me, also, a comfort of sorts. I mostly travel alone and my cigarette has invariably become somewhat … Continue reading Life as a smoking lounge

Life continues as scheduled

Hello readers! I apologise for my recent absence, but duty called. I hope no one missed me too much. Of course by that I mean I hope you all missed me terribly and noticed a distinct lack of something in your life. Perhaps you might not have known exactly what it was, as is so often the case, but as long as it felt like something was missing, then that’s fine. Life continues as scheduled. Today’s post will be published later on this morning. Until then, just some advice; always buy 100% cotton socks, it’s just worth it in the long run. Continue reading Life continues as scheduled