I place a lot of emphasis on ‘home’, ‘comfort’… and ‘belonging’. I suppose because these are all one in the same thing of what, I feel, our search, our quest is. I also tend to refer to ‘life’ as a search, a quest.

I also believe that everyone is looking for the same thing, ultimately: We all cry, we smile, we all have hopes, dreams. We all have worries, regrets, we’ve all made mistakes, we all have goals. We all will invariably sit back at the end of the day and, whether we know it or not, feel satisfied with our efforts throughout it, or know deep down inside we could have done more. We’ve all missed a chance, we’ve all taken a chance. We all wonder if we’re doing enough. We all have fears. We all wonder if anyone else could possibly be going through the same thing as we are. And we all are, in some form or another.

So, I believe we’re all inherently the same. We may differ on the surface. We all do. We may choose to conduct our lives and loves differently. And again, we all do. But inside, we all want the same thing. And what better feeling is there, what other feeling might we search, or strive for, long for, hope for, than the feeling, of…  going home?

A standard question I would ask of someone is; ‘When I say the word ‘home’ what does that mean to you? What three words would and can you associate, with that single notion’. Before you continue reading, try it: what three words do you associate with the master word ‘home.’


The answers, in my experience, which is all I can reference from, are all the same; ‘love,’ ‘family’, ‘belonging’ ‘food’ ‘warmth’, ‘acceptance.’

The word home induces these feelings for most people. I also believe that the people that can’t associate these feelings with the word ‘home’ are the lost souls amongst us. Their search will be to find that feeling – to go home. They might not know it, but that is what they are searching for. For those of us who CAN associate these feelings with the word home, well, our search will be to find that feeling… again.


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