Hobbies and Pleasure

Yesterday I happened upon another blog post about the importance of having hobbies: How hobbies can contribute to your outlook on life and general standard of living. It also mentioned that many people don’t have hobbies, and this of course, being a problem. I myself have more hobbies than, well the other stuff that isn’t hobbies. I suppose that would constitute as work and daily living. It’s a problem really because I don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish anything in any form of entirety and I suppose this would also be a bad thing. I accomplish things up to a certain point but not enough. I also suppose this would have something to do with basic time management skills and prioritizing. I also don’t really know where this post is going further than that I know I will categorize it under ‘Random Reflections.’

A hobby is defined by Answers.com as, “An activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.”

So I guess hobbies are definitely important. In that they are primarily for pleasure. Pleasure of course, always being a good thing. And the point of too many hobbies? Is there such a thing as too much pleasure?

On a side note, does anyone else picture galloping around the garden on a hobby horse when they say the word ‘hobby/hobbies’? I suppose really it’s all one in the same thing. I used to have a hobby horse. Do children these days have hobby horses? I hope so.


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