The Art of Gernot

Something a little different today everybody. Before we continue, please don’t freak out. I am more or less normal. I just have different tastes in certain things. Just spreading the weirdness. You might like it you never know, just try.

I recently happened upon an artist’s work which I instantly loved. His name is Gernot, and his work has been described by Oysters and Chocolate as:

“Twisted, taunted and highly captivating, Gernot’s illustrative work binds exceptional technique to a dark, fetishistic vision of beauty. Objects and fantasy figures feature though a body of work spanning dark fiction, pin-ups, fetish art and the bizarre. Gernot’s art brings the viewer face-to-face with angels and demons, netherworld figures of both dreams and nightmares, either of which distinguishable only by the viewer’s perspective.”

Yes, I know you that sounds. Bear with me. Below are three of my favourites.


Different if nothing else you must admit.

For more you can visit his website at:


One thought on “The Art of Gernot

  1. Not sure but when I went to school what I can see only adds up to two?? Interesting. Looking forward to the next edition of this blog

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