Control and your top drawer

I had a very strange experience last week. I felt completely in control of the situation. And when i say ‘the situation’ I mean of course of my life and the immediate circumstances surrounding me.  I could feel the flow around me as I moved, the epicenter of the energy centered in my core, flowing from me, like I was controlling it. It was pretty cool, yeah. Of course, it didn’t last long, it all shattered the next day. Not even, within a few hours. There is no point to this post by the way, I am just documenting this experience.

‘Control’ is a very ambiguous sort of feeling I suppose. Reason being because oftentimes, (I also love to use that word by the way, oftentimes,) we think we are in control and of course we never are. Do you know what I do when I am feeling completely out of control though? I tidy up my top drawer. You know, the drawer with old receipts, scrunched up chocolate wrappers, batteries, perhaps an old cellphone charger and a plug adaptor that we keep forgetting we have and invariably search the whole house for when, all the while, there it was, sitting in your top drawer; the first place you would THINK you’d check, when you first designate that space as its new home, but never do. I tidy that up. It restores a sense of order, and control to the universe. Well, to my universe. However, it’s amazing how if you start with something small, your top drawer, your inbox, your desk, a ripple effect occurs and before you know it, again, you are ‘completely in control of the situation.’ Try it.

Look at that, there was a point to this post after all.


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