Me, myself and I

I have written many things over the years. Mostly on; scrap pieces of paper, a collection of journals, on the back pages of novels I have read, scribbled on the side of recipes, {I don’t cook, but I keep recipes. I know}. And I found some scatterings of writing last night I had written exactly ten years ago. They’re in a book with two angels dancing on the front. The pages are rose scented.

In between my hand writing, which I can report, hasn’t changed much at all, are pencil sketches of things that were obviously important to me and interested me at that time in my life; fairies, portraits of people, roses, trees, shoes, vampires. Again, I can report, not much has changed in that regard either. Besides the ink being a bit faded now, as I read the ramblings of my younger mind I was transported back to that time, and I remembered who I was then. I was so different, yet so completely the same. And I smiled.

Some of the questions I had then I have since answered. Many are still reflections I have today and are still yet to be answered, if they ever will be. But I kind of wanted to make notes in the margin of the pages, as if they could be sent back in time, and tell my younger self not to worry about certain things, to lighten up. Mostly, I wanted to note to her, ‘it’ll all be ok… you’ll be ok.’

And then, I thought about the notes I would make to myself in ten years time from now. I’ve looked for comments on here, perhaps from my older self. Nothing as yet. So I guess I can report that a time machine of sorts still hasn’t been invented even in 2020.

So my point is, have you ever thought about what you would say to your younger self, if you had the opportunity? More so, have you ever wondered what your older self, would say to you now?


2 thoughts on “Me, myself and I

  1. unlike you.. i think im totally different than my younger self!.. i think its a good thing though. I was such a vibrant little girl.. with a mind of my own.. dont know if i would have anything to say to my younger self.. cause i know my younger self never took advice!.. now im more experienced in the ‘life’ department.

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