Strangers and Friends… and everyone else

So I like real people. People who contribute to the world, society and the people around them in general. People who have thoughts, opinions, sense of self, good hearts and vision. I’m not saying I myself am one of these people. But I aspire to be. Anyway, I know people like this, and I am lucky enough to be able to say that I can call some of them my close friends.

Having said all that, let us not detract from the importance of talking to strangers. Do you talk to strangers? I am obviously not aiming this advice at children. My blog is also rated PG13 though so hopefully one of your parents has screened this post already. If not: Kids, don’t talk to strangers. But people who are not kids, in body: do you talk to strangers?

Open your mind to the possibility of embracing a person whom you wouldn’t normally speak to. Or, whom you would normally speak to, but feel like you shouldn’t, due to, well the usuals; society, logistics or social standing. You never know what you might be able to learn from them. Never be arrogant enough to think you know it all, or have seen it all. There is much to be learnt from other people. Usually, and admittedly, from their mistakes and or shortcomings, but still, a lesson is a lesson. Try it. In relation and relevance to all I have just said please follow this link below. Said better than I ever could. Give it a read, you’ll see why I recommended it:

I love talking to strangers myself. Especially when they give me candy.


One thought on “Strangers and Friends… and everyone else

  1. Nice. Dont take candy from strangers….
    I was reminiscing the other day and I hope you know how much I value our friendship. We had the best time as kids and not everyone used to come home from nights out as teens and draw/read poetry 🙂 love you Simmy xxx

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