Just take a step back

So one of my friends said to me recently that she sees me as a romantic. And she didn’t just say it just in passing like, ‘ok so you’re a romantic.’ It was said during a relevant conversation we were having about relationships and love and life and all those things we as people tend to talk about at length but which of course we’ll never actually get an answer for. It sort of came out like, ‘well, you’re a romantic so your point of view would be *insert rest of conversation here.* Now this took me back a bit, well a lot, because I had never perceived myself as a romantic person. At all. She even reiterated it when I said as much and said, ‘well OF COURSE you are??!’ in a ‘well-was-there-ever-any-question-about-that’ kind of way. So this forced me to look at myself and re-evaluate if I was a romantic or not.

And my conclusion was, and this was my actual thought process; that I am not so much a romantic but more so that I love the idea of romance, in that, I hope it might actually exist. I don’t fall in love easily and I have an unjustified and or justified fear of commitment and love but this all could be on account of my unreasonable ideals and high expectations, but then again my world I retreat to is one of magic and madness and sensual moonlight where a firefly guides my way… Is this not indeed the concept of a romantic? She was right. At the end of the day, I am a hopeless romantic. I love, love.

The point of this is: never assume you know yourself completely. There are still, and always will be, things to learn about yourself. Other people sometimes see more in you than you can because they’re standing further back. You can do this for yourself too. When I paint, I have to take a step back from the easel to allow my picture to take on its full intention. If you focus on a small area of your painting for too long you lose perspective of the bigger picture, it’s flow, it’s destiny and what you ultimately envisaged for it. So, just take a step back now and then.


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