I place a lot of emphasis on ‘home’, ‘comfort’… and ‘belonging’. I suppose because these are all one in the same thing of what, I feel, our search, our quest is. I also tend to refer to ‘life’ as a search, a quest. I also believe that everyone is looking for the same thing, ultimately: We all cry, we smile, we all have hopes, dreams. We all have worries, regrets, we’ve all made mistakes, we all have goals. We all will invariably sit back at the end of the day and, whether we know it or not, feel satisfied with … Continue reading ‘Home’

Trucks passing in the night

So I’d like to talk for a moment about that feeling you get when a small, ordinary, daily happening occurs, and in that moment, the sound, sight, smell, touch of it transports you back to another moment, another time,  another you… Magical isn’t it. One such sound, for me, is the sound of a truck’s horn. As said before, a lot of my memories are faded now. I don’t have a good memory by the usual definition of the phrase. My memories are hazy, misty. But I remember how I felt, so clearly. When I was younger, less jaded, and … Continue reading Trucks passing in the night

Hobbies and Pleasure

Yesterday I happened upon another blog post about the importance of having hobbies: How hobbies can contribute to your outlook on life and general standard of living. It also mentioned that many people don’t have hobbies, and this of course, being a problem. I myself have more hobbies than, well the other stuff that isn’t hobbies. I suppose that would constitute as work and daily living. It’s a problem really because I don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish anything in any form of entirety and I suppose this would also be a bad thing. I accomplish things … Continue reading Hobbies and Pleasure

Hope and Anti-Wrinkle Creams

I spend a small fortune every month on anti-ageing products: Anti-wrinkle creams, moisturizers, exfoliators, toners, cell rejuvenation something or others. I know. One of my friends said to me recently that this was, and I’m not going to relate his exact words due to explicit content restrictions, but basically he said that this was ludicrous and completely and utterly pointless. He followed through with links to articles on the ineffectiveness of anti ageing products and how we are more or less fooling ourselves. Maybe. I mean, I don’t know for sure that they are actually going to work. But I … Continue reading Hope and Anti-Wrinkle Creams

The Art of Gernot

Something a little different today everybody. Before we continue, please don’t freak out. I am more or less normal. I just have different tastes in certain things. Just spreading the weirdness. You might like it you never know, just try. I recently happened upon an artist’s work which I instantly loved. His name is Gernot, and his work has been described by Oysters and Chocolate as: “Twisted, taunted and highly captivating, Gernot’s illustrative work binds exceptional technique to a dark, fetishistic vision of beauty. Objects and fantasy figures feature though a body of work spanning dark fiction, pin-ups, fetish art … Continue reading The Art of Gernot

Catching up

Every now and then life falls into place for me. At some point during the day, life always falls into place. Not for long, but I still feel proud of myself when I catch up. Like, what I mean is, when you were little and you were walking with your parents. You would invariably fall behind, you couldn’t keep up with their long confident strides and you would fall behind. But you would always catch up, and for two steps and a moment in time your steps would imitate theirs. You’d fall into pace and move in time beside them … Continue reading Catching up

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe that magic exists? Do you believe that magic CAN exist? Do you believe that in a world of reason, learning, growth, hate, greed, mundane existence… that magic might lurk behind the curtains? And when I say ‘magic’ I don’t mean Santa Claus, or fairies or a conjurer in the form of Merlin. I mean the unexplained, something enchanted that surpasses normal reason, our normal beliefs in the certain, the understandable? I’m just wondering. Continue reading Do you believe in magic?

Home, an introduction

I have a favourite item of clothing. It is the one item of clothing that I love more than any other. It is a chunky knit, cream jersey. It now hangs below my knees and one arm is twice as long as the other. Holes appear randomly all over it and the ends are fraying. I love it immensely. My mother keeps trying to convince me to throw it away. She says things like, ‘it’s stretched beyond comprehension,’ ‘you look like a beggar when you wear that’ and other such atrocities. When I haven’t seen it for a while in … Continue reading Home, an introduction