30 years, begonias and swimming pools.

So my parents have been married for 30 years and 1 day today. If you can do basic logic/maths that means that yesterday was their 30th Wedding Anniversary. I didn’t buy them anything but I bought them lunch. I hope that’s enough. I also make up for it by being an amazing daughter and bringing so much joy into their lives. Or so I keep telling them.

They offer no pearls of wisdom as to the secret of a long and happy marriage besides, ‘well, we just put up with each other really.’ Ok, noted. That’s sort of what I do with everyone else I know so maybe I could do that…

On Sunday we went to a nursery. Now, many of my childhood memories involve traipsing behind them as they dragged myself and my sister around nursery after nursery after nursery looking for things such as seedlings and palm trees. They have an obsession with palm trees these people; as well as staring into the swimming pool talking of pH levels and alginate – what IS that?!  Now these memories aren’t fond. I could not grasp the concept of trawling through moss and walking along stepping stones to find the perfect palm tree and assortment of bizzy lizzies and begonias. Of course I understand the concept now though. And I love it. They really are quite beautiful things, nurseries. And most of them have coffee shops too. Which is awesome.

We actually went to the nursery to buy some summer plants for my balcony; my latest project/distraction. Said flowers which were planted this morning:

My boooodiful office entrance

Miniature orange tree! Bless 🙂

I’m still noting down though as top three ways to stay married for 30 years or more:

  1. Put up with each other.
  2. Drag your children around nurseries every Sunday morning.
  3. Have a common interest in the clarity of your swimming pool.

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