More little things…

So my Dad says to me this morning, “When I buy a new toothbrush, I get all excited the next morning when I get to brush my teeth with it – is that strange?” I know right, bless. But, following on from my previous post about the little things in life, this provides a perfect example. As long as you can find joy in these little things, you can always find a form of happiness. This is completely normal, for what it’s worth coming from me anyway. I love toothbrushes myself. I buy a new one every week.


2 thoughts on “More little things…

    1. Bless! I shall pass on. LOL we were discussing that time you came & stayed for couple of weeks while your parents were out of town and you were taking us to school and my 14 year old sister asked if she could smoke – haha – remember? x

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