Dragon Fruit

So last weekend I was watching ‘Come Dine With Me’ on BBC Lifestyle. It’s sort of become somewhat of a family tradition every Saturday afternoon. I know, bless. Anyway, awesome show and all that but in this episode one of the contestants used a ‘Dragon Fruit’ to make an exotic fruit salad of sorts. Now, I had previously never seen nor heard about a Dragon Fruit but I was rather mesmerised by it. Truly, it’s beautiful. Would also like to taste one though.

It’s real name is a ‘Pitaya’ and they are native to Mexico, Central and South America. For more info you can always go to Wikipedia.com. I just think they’re pretty cool.


One thought on “Dragon Fruit

  1. Oh Simmy Bean, this tastes a little like a kiwi, not as tangy though…actually does not quite have distinct taste..if that makes sense!LOL

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