Have you found joy in your life?

So the ancient Egyptians believed that when you arrived in heaven after your death, you were asked two questions. Your honest answer to these two questions determined whether you were to enter heaven or not. The first question was,

“Have you found joy in your life?”

and the second question was,

“Have you brought joy to others?”

So, the ancient Egyptians lived their lives in accordance that they may, one day when the time came, answer these two questions honestly and truthfully. And, I assume, in the affirmative.

Now I could carry on writing about this topic. You know, expand, discuss, analyse. But I wouldn’t want to deflect away from the simple beauty and inherent truth of this story; Find joy, give joy.

Beautiful. To quote a friend. ‘A very good ethos to live by.’

As you were.


One thought on “Have you found joy in your life?

  1. What a wise friend. Find joy, give joy – seems the egyptians were again ahead of their time and yes this is a good ethos to live by – a nice thought for a friday – and so it is.

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