So… An Introduction

So I write for many reasons. I write to occupy myself, my mind, organise my thoughts. ‘So Simone what are your hobbies?’; ‘Writing.’ Not everyone gets that…. But it’s the truth. It’s my escape. I think it might actually keep me sane. This could be comical/debatable, that is, whether I actually still am. Sane, that is. But more than this, I write in the hope that I might be able to inspire someone, somewhere. Maybe comfort someone; myself personally I have taken comfort in the fact that someone else, somewhere else might be going through the same things, feeling the same things, that I am or do. Also, I’m all about expression. Expressing yourself in whatever form that may be. I think this is very important and one of the traits I admire in other people. Let’s be honest, we are each just another person, lost in the crowd. Of course we’re all unique… just like everyone else. So, my point being, that if you can find a way to stand out, to radiate your own unique presence, I say do it. I also feel like not enough of us do this, probably on account of society’s expectations and trying to fit in rather than stand out. Of course, I don’t really know the actual reason. I don’t preach; this is just the world as I see it. And I could be horribly, horribly wrong. Of course I hope I’m not… but we’ll cover that in future posts.

I’m really just posting this as an introduction of sorts. Admittedly because I felt like I had to. This, in usual circumstances, goes against what I would normally believe or suggest. But here we are nonetheless.

As you were.


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