It’s ok

So I recently turned 25. Thank you, I know. I myself too, am impressed I have got this far without so much as a criminal record or, well, anything to really show for it. Having said this, a friend of mine recently said to me, ‘Some of us have nothing to our names but a small amount of wisdom and a story to tell.’

Case in point: every year around this time I tend to reflect on myself and life in general, more than usual, and I sent my recent reflections out to my mailing list because, well firstly the hope is always there that someone, somewhere, out there cares what I have to say and, as a bonus, I might actually be able to help… inspire… or even at least, make you think about something you wouldn’t normally think about.

My theme this year was ‘OK’ – have you ever noticed that ‘OK’ is a little sideways person? There is a deeper meaning in that somewhere… look for it. In fact, all I say has a deeper meaning, which most of you know. Read between the lines where you can. By the way, some of you may disagree with a lot of what I say, this is ok too. This is just the world as I see it.

This year marked a full quarter of a century I now have to comment on. Seeing as it would take up time I don’t have (that’s a lie, I have the time, I just like to sound important) to sit and list EVERYTHING from the past 25 years, I condensed them into a Top Ten:

Reflection 1:

It’s ok to admit you pick your nose. What is REALLY that wrong with it? I refuse to believe anyone out there who claims that they do no pick their nose.

Reflection 2:

I admit to having made many, many mistakes. But I will not be so bold as to admit I have learnt from ALL of them, some of them, yes. But a few of those I fear I shall probably make again. And that’s ok too.

Reflection 3:

It’s ok to believe in fairytales. They are good to have around and to dream about. But don’t become poisoned by them. ‘Happily ever after’ fails.

Reflection 4:

Everybody escapes to their own world from time to time. Some more than others… This is ok. Don’t apologise for how you choose to escape reality, it’s a necessary right of passage. Unless your escape is like, murder, that’s just not cool.

Reflection 5:

It is important to set aside at least an hour a day for some not-seriousness – however you choose to do that. It’s ok. We all need a break from the details of everyday life and existence.

Reflection 6:

So I’m a little messy. I know that. I’ll work on it. As long as you acknowledge your faults, accept them and try and work on them, that’s ok.

Reflection 7:

Life exists everywhere, in many forms. In every cup of coffee, skydive or watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon. Never think your life is less important than anyone else’s. However you choose to experience life, in however small or insignificant way it may be, or may seem to be, is ok. We all have a story to tell, each as important as anyone else’s.

Reflection 8:

There is always going to be someone better, more important, more successful, better looking, or smarter than you. This is ok.

Reflection 9:

It is ok to be wrong. Admit when you are though, accept it, learn from it, and move on.

Reflection 10:

Finally, and this has been a recent, valuable, and strangely enough, difficult lesson of mine; It’s ok to give up. This does not always mean you are weak, it actually sometimes means you are strong enough to let go. The important thing? That you were once a fighter.

So that’s it, 25 years and ten things, of the many, I have to say about them. I will always believe that as many changes we face, layered upon experience, layered upon change that we remain more or less the same. No doubt resides in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to post this exact, well, post, again in 25 years time, and still believe every word. Except, I will admit, I still do kind of hope that ‘happily ever after’ still exists.

As you were


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