Have you found joy in your life?

“Have you found joy in your life?” Continue reading Have you found joy in your life?


It’s ok

So I recently turned 25. Thank you, I know. I myself too, am impressed I have got this far without so much as a criminal record or, well, anything to really show for it. Having said this, a friend of mine recently said to me, ‘Some of us have nothing to our names but a small amount of wisdom and a story to tell.’ Case in point: every year around this time I tend to reflect on myself and life in general, more than usual, and I sent my recent reflections out to my mailing list because, well firstly the … Continue reading It’s ok

So… An Introduction

So I write for many reasons. I write to occupy myself, my mind, organise my thoughts. ‘So Simone what are your hobbies?’; ‘Writing.’ Not everyone gets that…. But it’s the truth. It’s my escape. I think it might actually keep me sane. This could be comical/debatable, that is, whether I actually still am. Sane, that is. But more than this, I write in the hope that I might be able to inspire someone, somewhere. Maybe comfort someone; myself personally I have taken comfort in the fact that someone else, somewhere else might be going through the same things, feeling the … Continue reading So… An Introduction